MapRenderer:GetMap, MapRenderer:SetMapEdit

[Map] MapRenderer:GetMap()
MapRenderer:SetMap( [Map] map, [boolean] replace tile set=true )

Gets or sets the map to display. You can find a map to display with CraftStudio.FindAsset.

MapRenderer:GetTileSet, MapRenderer:SetTileSetEdit

[TileSet] MapRenderer:GetTileSet()
MapRenderer:SetTileSet( [TileSet] tile set )

Gets or sets the tile set to use for map rendering. You can find a tile set to display with CraftStudio.FindAsset .

MapRenderer:GetOpacity, MapRenderer:SetOpacityEdit

[number] MapRenderer:GetOpacity()
MapRenderer:SetOpacity( [number] opacity )

Gets or sets the map renderer's opacity (between 0.0 and 1.0)

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